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BBC Three Cancels The British Puppet-Based Situation Comedy Mongrels; Family Guy's Future On BBC Three "Debatable"

According to the British Comedy Guide website, the British puppet-based BBC Three situation comedy "Mongrels", a series which revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals, Nelson (a Fox), Marion (a Persian), Destiny (a Afghan Hound), Kali (a Pigeon), and Vince (a Fox), who live behind a urban pub in Millwall, the Isle of Dogs, London, has been axed by the corporation. Dan Tetsell, one of the show's writers and who provides the voice of the impressionable feline Marion, revealed on his official Twitter profile page (@tetsell) that he had hoped that a third series of the sitcom would be ordered, but the BBC had declined. He added "we've all been sacked now". The programme, which used a host of intricate puppets to portray the central characters of the show, was created by Adam Miller, and positioned itself as a foul-mouthed, animal-centric equivalent to the North American animated sitcom "Family Guy", including cut-away scenes, flash…