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Sony Fires Up New Consumer Products Deals For '#Ghostbusters'

Sony's EVP of worldwide consumer products and licensing, Jamie Stevens, talks about the studio's plans ahead of the film’s 35th anniversary next year.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is gearing up to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters with new consumer products inspired by the classic film.

A number of partners will launch new products timed with next June’s anniversary event, including Playmobil (figures and playsets), Mattel (games, activities and crafts), NECA (collectibles and novelty gifts), Hybrid (apparel), Mad Engine (apparel), C-Life (apparel) and Hallmark (social expressions, plush products and ornaments).

Key categories for the consumer products program will include toys, apparel and publishing. Products will begin rolling out globally on June 8, 2019, with subsequent ranges launching in anticipation of Halloween and the holiday season.

The new products will be geared toward fans of all ages. “The great thing about the Ghostbusters brand is that is reaches a…

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