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Monday, 18 July 2016

Watch The #Ghostbusters' Stunt Doubles Dance To The Iconic Ghostbusters Theme!

Meredith Richardson, who is Kate McKinnon's stunt double in Ghostbusters, has unveiled this ecto-tastic behind-the-scenes video on her official Instagram page featuring Luci Romberg (stunt double for Melissa McCarthy), Jessi Fisher (stunt double for Kristen Wiig) and Alyma Dorsey (stunt double for Leslie Jones) dancing to the famous Ghostbusters theme on their last day on set!:

Check out these other fantastic photos from behind-the-scenes of Ghostbusters, and go and see the movie, in cinemas and theaters now!:

#Ghostbusters sequel may leave New York

The goal of most reboots, redo's and revivals in production is to kickstart a fresh franchise. Following promising early signs that the new Ghostbusters movie is a hit, it looks promising that there will be a sequel. The man himself is, as he told the Empire Podcast, primed and ready for that possibility.

"I’ve got a story in line,” Feig tells Empire of a potential next outing for the now fully-fledged 'busters. It's one that may even take Erin (Kristen Wiig), Patty (Leslie Jones), Abby (Melissa McCarthy) and Jillian (Kate McKinnon) out of the Big Apple, in a franchise-first spot of long-distance parapsychology. "I might go to some other places too,” hints the movie’s director and co-writer.

"I’ve always steered clear of doing sequels just because I always liked to do new stuff,” continues Feig, "but this world is so rich and this cast is so great [that] I’d be open to it. There’s so much stuff that can be done.” Get the fire extinguishers ready on Reddit, there may be a lot more to come from the gang.

Check Empire later this week for their Ghostbusters spoiler podcast, featuring the full interview with Hollywood’s best-dressed director. The movie is in cinemas now.

The Untold Backstory of the Iconic Slimer From Ghostbusters

Slimer almost had an origin story featured in the brand new Ghostbusters film! Director Paul Feig chatted with WIRED about what both he and co-writer Katie Dippold cooked up for Slimer's pre-death and how the Ghostbusters helped him become the green blob we all know and love!:

It never made it into the new reboot of ‘Ghostbusters,’ but writer Katie Dippold and director/co-writer Paul Feig definitely wrote a backstory for one of the franchise’s most beloved characters: Slimer.

A backstory for Slimer would of been good, but I don't like to think of Slimer as a ghost of a baddie, he's too kind.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to Make #ECTOCOOLER from #Ghostbusters! - Feast of Fiction S5 Ep14

Find out how to make Ecto Cooler from Ghostbusters in this super video from Feast of Fiction!:

Big thanks to Indie Mogul for providing us with a super legit Proton Pack! Make sure to check them out here:

Ghostbusters (2016) Has Solid Opening Weekend; Sony Plans More #Ghostbusters Movies!

It's official, the Ghostbusters are back in action, and have just claimed $46 million of the weekend box office! The films solid opening claimed second spot right behind the family friendly Secret Life of Pets ($50.6 million) and went to have the best debut for a live action comedy in over a year!

When asked about what's next for the Ghostbusters franchise, Sony's marketing distribution chief Josh Greenstein said "There absolutely will be more [films]," and added "This is a restart of one of our most important brands."

The film also boasts a certified fresh rating via with a current overall of 73% and a user rating that is currently on the rise!

Source: via; Ghostbusters 2016 poster via IMP Awards.

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