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The Jokers must pitch outrageous television show ideas to a receptive focus group.

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Murr and Q pose as UFO experts and present some questionable photos to prove their theory.

"Mamma's Got A Donkey" | #ImpracticalJokers | Comedy Central UK

The Jokers must convince a member of the public to shout out a ridiculous phrase so that they can escape the crazy security guard.

"Don't Be An Idiot Please" | #ImpracticalJokers | Comedy Central UK

In today's challenge, the Impractical Jokers are on top of the Rockefeller Centre annoying the public.

The Great Murrathon | #ImpracticalJokers | Comedy Central UK

Murr is today's big loser and he faces a very cold punishment... the great Murrathon.

Sal Vs Gary Busey | #ImpracticalJokers | Comedy Central UK

Sal comes up against an unlikely challenger in today's "Did I deserve that" game.

#Halifax Calls in the #Ghostbusters in New TV Advertisement!

Halifax calls in the Ghostbusters in their new TV spot!

From The Drum:

Halifax calls in the Ghostbusters for contactless ad

Who ya gonna call? Well Halifax hopes it’s them by turning to comedy horror classic Ghostbusters for its latest pop culture-heavy campaign.

The latest ad from Adam&Eve/DBB, which follows the likes of The Flintstones and Top Cat in the series, uses footage from the 1984 classic starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to promote the brand's Visa debit cards.

The ad, which like the previous Wizard of Oz campaign features characters superimposed into clips from the movie, premiered on Channel 4 last night (12 August).

Characters from the franchise will also appear across branches, outdoor, radio, press and social media.

Catherine Kehoe, managing director, brands and marketing for parent company Lloyds Banking Group, said: “Following the success of our Wizard of Oz commercial, we are once again delving into the world of film classics…

🔴 The Top 5 Members Of The Public Reactions | #ImpracticalJokers | Comedy Central UK

Take a look at some of the funniest and pretty angry public reactions that the Impractical Jokers have to face on a daily basis.