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BBC To Move All Children's Programming To Their DTT Channels CBBC and CBeebies

From C21Media:BBC1, BBC2 to drop kids' shows

The BBC's governing body has approved plans to drop children’s programming from flagship channels BBC1 and BBC2.

All BBC Children’s content is moving to digital free-to-air channels CBBC and CBeebies after the BBC Trust today approved the corporation’s Delivering Quality First (DQF) cost-saving initiative.

The BBC is cutting its costs by 20% in a bid to save millions by 2017 and re-position itself as a leading digital broadcaster. All of the UK will soon have access to CBBC and CBeebies as digital switchover continues.

The proposal was first put forward last October, with the BBC claiming CBBC and CBeebies could be extended to act as a “spine” for a “more-integrated” online and web-connected TV service.

Today, the Trust said: “Children’s output remains a cornerstone of the BBC’s public service offering and one of the BBC’s foremost editorial priorities.”

It also greenlit plans to maintain the current levels of investment in original…

Sony Adds Ghostbusters To The Playstation Vita!

From IGN:Ghostbusters Coming to Vita (Kind Of)

Reality Fighters gets paranormal investigators.

Reality Fighters was far from one of our favorite PlayStation Vita launch titles -- garnering just a 4.5 out of 10 in the IGN review -- but the Ghostbusters are coming to Sony's augmented reality fighter, so all is forgiven.

Nobody steps on the stairs in my town!
With today's PlayStation Network Update, 15 free weapons will be added as DLC. May 15th will see a soccer pack, and May 22nd will bring the Ghostbusters pack. For $2.99, you'll get two costumes (the Ghostbusters getup and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) and three weapons (the proton pack, ghost trap, and Ecto 1). No word on international releases.

That's not creepy. At all.
Is this enough to bring you back to Reality Fighters? [...]

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Ghosthead and IGN writer, Greg Miller, filed a story today that Sony will be releasing som…

Broadcast Lists Which US TV Shows Have Been Renewed For North America's 2012-2013 Television Season And Which US TV Have Been Cancelled

From Broadcast:US shows: saved and scrappedAs US networks decide what to save and scrap from their schedules, Broadcast offers an at-a-glance guide to how UK TV channels will be affected.


American Dad (renewed)
Family Guy (renewed)
Pam Am (cancelled)


Gossip Girl (renewed)
The Vampire Diaries (renewed)
The X Factor USA (renewed)


Desperate Housewives (cancelled)
Kitchen Nightmares (renewed)
New Girl (renewed)


2 Broke Girls (renewed)
90210 (renewed)
Allen Gregory (cancelled)
Apartment 23 (renewed)
The Big Bang Theory (renewed)
Charlie's Angels (cancelled)
Happy Endings (renewed)
How I Met Your Mother (renewed)
One Tree Hill (cancelled)
Revenge (renewed)
Suburgatory (renewed)
[Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show (renewed)]


The Good Wife (renewed)


Body of Proof (renewed)
CSI (renewed)
CSI: NY (renewed)
CSI: Miami (cancelled)
Law & Order: SVU (renewed)
The Mentalist (renewed)
NCIS (renewed)
Once Upon a Time (renewed)


Chuck (cancelled)
Parenthood …