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Is Sal The World's Worst Queue Attendant? | #ImpracticalJokers | Comedy Central UK

Sal is forced to look after a long queue of people and has to carry out the pranks on children and their parents at the front of the line. He also manages to fall for the asleep slap in the face prank! When will he learn?

Poo Flavoured Frozen Yogurt | Nathan For You

Nathan tries to drum up business for a small frozen yogurt by creating a poo flavoured yogurt.... Really?!?

The Teachers Are Back In Action! | Teachers on TV Land (Season 2) | Viacom

Teachers all new episodes Tuesdays 10/9c on TV Land USA!

Nathan For You | Season 1 Episode 1 | Yogurt Shop and Pizzeria | FULL EPISODE

Nathan Fielder assists struggling small businesses to make it in a competitive market. In this episode, Nathan creates a poo flavoured frozen yogurt and cooks a one inch pizza. Real people. Real businesses. Results not guaranteed.