BBC Three Cancels The British Puppet-Based Situation Comedy Mongrels; Family Guy's Future On BBC Three "Debatable"

According to the British Comedy Guide website, the British puppet-based BBC Three situation comedy "Mongrels", a series which revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals, Nelson (a Fox), Marion (a Persian), Destiny (a Afghan Hound), Kali (a Pigeon), and Vince (a Fox), who live behind a urban pub in Millwall, the Isle of Dogs, London, has been axed by the corporation. Dan Tetsell, one of the show's writers and who provides the voice of the impressionable feline Marion, revealed on his official Twitter profile page (@tetsell) that he had hoped that a third series of the sitcom would be ordered, but the BBC had declined. He added "we've all been sacked now". The programme, which used a host of intricate puppets to portray the central characters of the show, was created by Adam Miller, and positioned itself as a foul-mouthed, animal-centric equivalent to the North American animated sitcom "Family Guy", including cut-away scenes, flashbacks, musical numbers, cameo appearances and often absurd humour.
(From Left to Right: Destiny, Kali, Nelson, Marion. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).)
Miller posted another, longer message online saying:
Mongrels friends, it is my unbearably sad duty to announce that we will not be returning for a third series on BBC Three, a decision that has been made based on the fact that apparently you need more than two people watching a programme to make it successful. Crazy talk. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at BBC Comedy, BBC Three and BBC Worldwide who have supported us so strongly over the years, and helped us put our silly puppet show on the digital screens of the nation. I'd also like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the writers, cast, crew and support team who have made a horribly challenging show such an utter joy to make. This news could not be less of a reflection on your brilliant work. Most of all I'd like to thank those of you that loved watching Mongrels as much as we loved making it. It's wonderfully reassuring to think that we weren't mad after all, and that what we find funny, other people do too. I'd like to believe that there's room on television for a little show like ours; one that's not just another sitcom, one that tries to do things a bit differently and that tries to push a few boundaries here and there. Who knows, maybe we'll find a that room in the future. I hope it has a minibar. Thank you for watching. Both of you.
Mongrels' cancellation means it joins a long list of comedies to have been axed by BBC Three channel controller Zai Bennett since taking up the role early in 2011. Other shows to have been cancelled by Bennett, as he strives to commission more new writing talent, include teen sitcom "Coming Of Age", "How Not To Live Your Life", the long-running "Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps", "White Van Man", and office-based comedy "Lunch Monkeys". The future of the popular American cartoon "Family Guy" on BBC Three is also in doubt after the channel's controller, Zai Bennett, announced to journalists at the 2011 Edinburgh TV Festival, that Family Guy's future on the BBC was "debatable", and that BBC Three's UK broadcast rights for the popular US animated comedy, which come to an end in two years' time, would not be renewed at "any price".


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