Get Your Own Ghostbusters Terror Dog Gatekeeper!

In the market for something cool and Ghostbusters related? GakOid's Blog may have your fix right here as someone on Etsy has fashioned one heck of a Ghostbusters collectible!

At approximately 7" tall, 13" in length, 7" wide, and weighing approx. 9 lbs., the "Gatekeeper" is poised and waiting for the "Keymaster." Hand-sculpted, fired, and hand-painted, this Terror Dog will surely make a nice addition to your home!

The figure is sealed with a polyurethane clear coat to protect against UV and moisture and is signed and dated by artist.

How much, you ask? They clock in at around 500 bucks! Worth it! Maybe keep some Milk-Bone's handy...

H/T: Dread Central.


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