Galaxy High School Theme Song

Doyle was a high school star. Everybody thought he'd go real far. But he didn't get the things, from the classes he took. You know he just wasn't interested, in his books.

Aimee was the smartest girl at school. Not very popular, not very cool. Two kids will be chosen from Earth, to go to school at Galaxy High.

Travelling millions of miles through space, to go to school in a far off place.

Aimee is the sweetheart, Doyle's got a lot to learn, here at Galaxy High!:

Happy 30th Anniversary, Galaxy High School (Since 1986)! :)

Below is the German intro for Galaxy High School from Nickelodeon Deutschland. The series also aired on Nick UK in the mid-1990's.

Galaxy High School theme song lyrics via; Additional source: HernĂ¡n Vega Berardi.


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