The Simpsons Offers A Up-To-Date Take On The 2016 Presidential Race

Fans used to have to wait a full year at the least (even longer in the UK), for a show like The Simpsons to comment on a recent political event. Now with digital ink and paint, a battalion of Korean Wacoms, and the ability to beam finished animation back to the Fox lot without the need of a boat, it's possible to comment on things that happened as little as two weeks ago. It still isn't possible to devote a full episode to them, though - the full assembly line process still takes the better part of a year to complete.

Hence this brand-new The Simpsons short, which presumably will be the cold opener to tonight's brand-new episode on FOX at 8/9 Central in the USA. The savage tone of the recent US primary is giving Marge nightmares...:

Highlights include more than once joke about "Trump's hair", a Trump Vs. Cruz wrestling match and a Rubio-Robot.

Some of the people seen here have already dropped out, but I think the show can be forgiven for not deleting Jeb Bush from the lineup when they had about ten hours to do so.

Original source: ToonZone News.


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