Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver And Annie Potts To Feature In Ghostbusters Reboot!

It has been announced that original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venkman), Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Ray Stantz), Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore), Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett) and Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz) will all have roles in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot movie!!

Ernie and Sigourney's roles in the new Ghostbusters film are currently unknown, however, Billy will play a ghost debunker, Dan will reportedly play a conspiracy-obsessed cab driver in a scene with Kristen Wiig, in which he will apparently drop the famous "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" line, and Annie will play a small role as a hotel receptionist in the Ghostbusters movie!

Original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts with Ivan Reitman, the producer and director of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II

Paul Feig Feig's film, which wrapped last week after 17 weeks of shooting in and around Boston, stars Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates, Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert, Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan and Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann. It hits theaters on Friday 22nd July 2016.

According to reports, the storyline of the new Ghostbusters movie will be: Erin and Abby write a book positing that ghosts are real, but it quickly winds up in the dollar bins. Flash forward a few years and Erin has a prestigious teaching gig at Columbia University — which is played by Emmanuel College because Boston is playing New York in the movie — and the book is resurrected online. Erin is laughed out of academia and winds up teaming up with Abby and Jillian — who is the Egon Spengler, Ph.D. character who has invented the PKE Meter for tracking ghosts.

The girls set up a Ghostbusting business, but sadly can't afford the firehouse headquarters the boys had in the original movies, played by Hook and Ladder 8. They instead wind up above a Chinese restaurant. (Those scenes were shot at the Kaze Shabu Shabu in Chinatown.) And their secretary, Kevin, is played by Chris Hemsworth, apparently gets to do a little busting himself, as his character was spotted sporting a Ghostbusters jumpsuit and riding a motorcycle during one scene.

Leslie Jones plays NYC tunnel worker Patty, who joins the band after she spots the villain, played by Neil Casey, unleashing spooks underground.

Ozzy Osbourne will also have a cameo in a heavy-metal concert scene shot at the Citi Wang Theatre.

And finally, Slimer, the green ghost from the original, will return — and his origins will be explained. Sadly, however, there is no Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the climactic final battle, which was shot in the Financial District. But, there is rumors that there will be a ghost T-Rex!

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