TV Burp Comedian Harry Hill In Talks With Channel 4

From Broadcast:
Harry Hill in talks with C4

ITV comedian Harry Hill is understood to be in talks to move to Channel 4 that could see him making a film with the broadcaster.

C4 is understood to be offering a golden handcuffs deal worth £2m, with a film and sketch series currently in discussion, according to reports.

Harry Hill’s TV Burp, an award-winning staple in ITV1's schedule, is expected to finish at the end of March. The comedian is understood to have turned down a £1m pay rise to stay at ITV, which would have taken his salary to £4m.

The comedian is thought to have become tired of TV Burp, produced by Avalon Television, because of the long hours of research and the amount of TV he needed to watch to make the programme.

C4 is thought to be offering him more creative freedom.

C4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt recently told Broadcast: “C4 can offer big name talent an opportunity to different sorts of things.

“Quite a lot of them are engaged by that, they get to a point in their career and they want to do different sorts of things. I’m sure there will always be some people who are interested in exploring a relationship with 4.”

'The Harry Hill Show', a surreal comedy programme, ran for three series on C4 when it started in 1997 before he moved to ITV.


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