Meet #Ectotron: Hasbro Unveils #Ghostbusters x #Transformers Mashup | #NYTF

Think of the ultimate tool for separating grownup ‘80s kids from their hard-earned cash and it’s hard to imagine it will look any different than what Hasbro’s revealing at the 2019 New York Toy Fair this weekend: a Transformers meets Ghostbusters mashup that sees Ecto-1 transforming into a ghost-trapping robot toy. And io9 has unveiled a first-look!

Do transforming robots from Cybertron turn into ghosts when they’re dead or deactivated? Neither the ‘80s animated series, nor the recent run of Hollywood Transformers movies have answered that question, so Ectotron, who comes with his own proton pack and paranormal activity-detecting goggles, might only be designed to battle human specters.

A non-transforming Slimer figure is included. Photo: Hasbro

Ectotron transforms from a seven-inch long replica of the iconic Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle to a robot (and back again) in about 22 steps, which isn’t terribly complicated as modern Transformers toys go. It doesn’t come with the Ghostbusters themselves—you’ll have to leave that part to your imagination—but it does include a transparent Slimer figure so Ectotron will have an actual ghost to bust right out of the box.

You’ll have to wait until early June to add this $40 piece to your collection when it will be exclusively available in-store at GameStop. But you can get it online too, with pre-orders starting today at GameStop’s site,, and EB Games Canada. It's currently unknown whether it'll be released in the UK. Fingers crossed!

Hasbro reveals box art for Ghostbusters / Transformers mash-up figure!

New York Toy Fair continues today, and what better way to kick it off than a closer look at the upcoming Ghostbusters/Transformers mash-up figure, more importantly the retro styled packaging!

Check out the latest about the upcoming Ghostbusters movie here!

Upcoming Ghostbusters/Transformers action figure featured on ABC's The Goldbergs

Recently announced Ghostbusters/Transformers mash-up figure; Ectotron was featured on this past week's episode of ABC's The Goldbergs!


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