Behind-The-Scenes of Sony's '#Ghostbusters 3' Teaser Trailer | #GB20 | #Ghostbusters3 | #BTS

If you loved the teaser trailer to Jason Reitman’s upcoming Ghostbusters sequel (and who didn’t?!), you’ll want to check out the below behind the scenes video!

The behind the scenes feature was uploaded by camera operator Jason Robbins and looks to have been put together by the team at AntigravityCam with Eric Steelberg serving as the cinematographer.

"#Bts of the Ghostbusters 2019 teaser shot. The sound in the background is the Ritter fans at close to full power. Thank you @ericsteelberg @antigravitycam @freeflysystems #cameraoperator #freefly #camermovement #moviefx #ghostbusters" Jason Robbins said on Instagram.

Check out the completed teaser trailer below:

Ghostbusters 3 is set to hit theatres on July 10th, 2020!


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