#Ghostbusters Takes Over London Waterloo Train Station - #GhostbustersWaterloo

A two-week marketing initiative has kicked off today at London's Waterloo train station to promote the arrival of the new Ghostbusters movie!

Commuters arriving at the busy station, renamed "Ghostbusters Waterloo", this morning were greeted by a giant Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man erupting from the concourse, accompanied by a team of Ghostbusters wearing uniforms based on the 2016 movies' jumpsuits.

Some of the station's rafters also appeared to have been slimed as part of the themed takeover.

In addition, Forbidden Planet has opened a dedicated pop-up shop on the concourse, selling a range of licensed merchandise.

There is also a Ghostbusters advertisement prompting visitors to ring a telephone number specially set up for the promotion - 0800 2229 911 - as well as special billboards advertising Ghost busting equipment for 'sale', including the famous Proton Pack and the Ecto 1, with the latter displayed in a Auto Buster 'ad').

According to the Metro newspaper, the London tube map has also been given a Ghostbusters makeover, with some of the stations being renamed to give them a spooky twist.

These include Camdead Town, Leicester Squeel and the genius West monster.

The initiative was put together by Sony Pictures with JC Deceaux, while Rocket Licensing has also been working closely with the team on the licensing and merchandising programme for the UK and Ireland.

The programme includes 30+ licensees (including Forbidden Planet) covering a range of categories.

Original source: Licensing Source.


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