#Ghostbusters (2016) Character Vignettes

Each of the new Ghostbusters, including Ecto 1, has received their own introductory video, meaning fans received a ton of new film footage, along with details about the characters and the plot, plus a preview of the updated theme song by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott!

We know that Abby (Melissa McCarthy) and Erin (Kristen Wiig) used to be partners, with Abby still believing in their work but Erin leaving to teach at Columbia. Abby publishes their book without Erin's permission, Erin visits Abby, sees a ghost with her, and ends up believing again. And, as in the original Ghostbusters, loses her place at Columbia in the process.

We also see Patty (Leslie Jones) join the team because of a ghost encounter of her own, and that her knowledge of New York and its history is important. The final piece is Holtzmann, who is clearly the engineer/inventor of the group. But other than her being weird, we still know nothing about her background or why she’s on the team.

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette - Erin (Kristen Wiig):

Erin Gilbert. Renowned quantum physicist and number 436 on Amazon's bestselling paranormal author list! #Ghostbusters

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette - Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon):

Meet Holtzmann: prototype is her type. #Ghostbusters

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette - Patty (Leslie Jones):

Patty Tolan carries the weight of NY on her shoulders, which just happens to look like the demon ghost of your mother-in-law. #Ghostbusters

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette - Abby (Melissa McCarthy):

If you want someone who’ll believe you, call Abby Yates. If you want someone to complain to, call someone who cares. #Ghostbusters

GHOSTBUSTERS Vignette - The Ecto-1

The new Ecto-1 is the perfect vehicle for delivering your loved ones to the grave, and returning them to it when they come back to haunt you.

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette - Kevin (Chris Hemsworth):

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