Ghostbusters News Round-Up - Saturday 14th May 2016

GakOid's round-up of Ghostbusters news from around the ecto-web!:

- It has been revealed that Sigourney Weaver's role in the upcoming Ghostbusters movie was very nearly cut! "Sigourney was out of this last edit and was then put back in," a source told the NY Daily News. "Her involvement is not essential to the story, but she was returned to the final cut."

"There's been a lot of recuts and editing in recent weeks as concerns are growing over the movie," the the NY Daily News has been told. Even Bill Murray, who had top billing in the Ivan Reitman version of the poltergeist-pursuing classic — and supposedly a small part in the new one — has insiders wondering how Ghostbusters will play with audiences when it opens on July 15.

"Bill's scenes have raised some eyebrows and many in the project are worried that the fans may turn against it before giving it a fair crack," says a insider. "I've never been involved in a project with so many different edits, re-edits and story alterations."

According to a NY Daily News spy, one scene unlikely to appear in the final cut is a musical number that wasn't working out.

- Slimer from Ghostbusters has been added to the LEGO Dimensions video game in his own Fun Pack! Slimer has his own set of abilities in the game and will gets a vehicle named the "Slime Shooter" to cruise around the virtual world in. His explorations can include the Ghostbusters world in the game, as well as others. The Slimer Fun Pack was released along with other Fun Packs that are part of the Wave 5 toys. These include Bane from the Batman series and Lloyd from Ninjago, reports XboxAchievements. The release of the Slimer Fun Pack, and other characters for LEGO Dimensions, comes just a couple of days after Walt Disney Co (DIS) announced that it’s discontinuing its Disney Infinity line.

- The Iowa Lottery has announced a new Ghostbusters scratch game ticket as the Des Moines Wizard World Comic Con was set to get underway! Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich was dressed in a Ghostbusters uniform and made the announcement in front of fans dressed up in costumes waiting for the Des Moines event to open. "Ghostbusters has been a big hit for years and years and years — my generation — but the new Ghostbusters is coming out this July. We've teamed together with them and Wizard World Comic Con to do a promotion around a brand new lottery Ghostbusters ticket — it’s kind of our big ticket. We are going to do so many things around Iowa with Ghostbusters this summer," Rich says.

- Dan Aykroyd felt like he "owned New York" after he starred in Ghostbusters! The 63-year-old actor, who found success in The Blues Brothers, co-wrote the 1981 hit movie set in The Big Apple and admitted walking the streets of the city with his co-stars Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson made him feel like King of the city! Quite rightly so, too!

- New Ghostbusters video game details: levelling up, will it be online? + more!

- Mattel reveals upcoming Ghostbusters themed Monster High doll!

- A closer look at the new Ghostbusters action figures from Mattel!

- New Ghostbusters kids and adults costumes coming this year from Rubies Costumes!

- Ghostbusters: The Board Game II successfully funded – shipping next Spring!

- Ghostbusters director Paul Feig clears up quotes from New York Daily News article.

- First look: Ghostbusters: Protect the Barrier board game from Mattel!


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