New Facts About Ghostbusters 2016 Unveiled

A series of set reports conducted last September have finally hit the ecto-web, giving new details about Sony's upcoming Ghostbusters movie!

First up, Kristen Wiig tells ET about Erin's relationship with Abby Yates (played by Melissa McCarthy):

"Wiig: My character and Melissa’s character, Abby, were friends when we were in high school. We both believed in ghosts, wrote a book, then went our own separate ways. I went into the sort of education-science world, and left that behind.

McCarthy: I stayed a believer, I don't care if people make fun of me. I believe in the paranormal, and she’s ditched me to go into less confrontational waters... I'm the one that’s always believed and has worked on it my whole life."

Meanwhile Paul Feig talks about why the film had to be a fresh start for the series:

"I didn't personally like the idea of going '25 years ago' and also I didn't want them to be handed technology. I think it's so fun that they're scientists—they're all different branches of science-who really built this from the ground up."


McCarthy briefly teases the intensity of the film to Mashable, following filming of a scene where the Ghostbusters fight of a horde of Victorian-dressed ghosts:

"I think the amount of action and the level of it in this is gonna surprise people. It's a lot more badass. There's a much harder edge to this one in terms of those fight scenes and how we come up against the ghosts."

IGN has a few more details on the action in the scene itself, featuring a variety of new ghostbusting weapons:

"There are multiple weapon types being used throughout the scene, including Kristen Wiig using some apparent tennis skills with her proton wand to bat away some ghosts – who are then yanked backward on a wire with force – and then using her proton pack as a rocket pack, pointing the wand down, firing, and propelling herself into the air. Leslie Jones sets up a new ghostbusting device called a Chipper to take out some ghosts, and there are some sort of proton-grenades being tossed around. It almost seemed as though ghosts aren’t just caught, but straight-up destroyed."

Co-writer Katie Dippold discusses balancing the film's rebooted world with enough kisses to Ghostbusters' past:

"There's something so exciting about that and fun that I didn’t want to lose that, and so then it became more about even if it's not in the original Ghostbusters world, the big thing for me was trying to get as much of the heart and spirit of that as possible in this."


Additionally, IGN also reveals that Ghostbusters (2016) was first movie to be shot at Naval Air Station South Weymouth since the base was decommissioned 1997!

Original source: io9.


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