Terry Brain, Co-Creator of 80s Cartoon "Trap Door", Dies Aged 60

Terry Brain, the co-creator of the classic animated children's series Trap Door, has sadly passed away, aged 60.

Brain's son David confirmed the animator 'passed away peacefully' on Friday morning. He had been battling cancer for two years.

David said: 'He was my hero - an amazing guy, funny. Right up until the last time I saw him…he was still trying to crack jokes through it.'

He added that Terry was close to completing a brand new 12-part series before his death.

Brain continued: 'Dad was a smiley, relaxed person – and a veteran in the industry, who inspired many young animators.

'Right up to the end he was making his own series in his spare room. He was four seconds of animation away from finishing a 12-part series he'd been doing, and we’re going to try and get someone to finish it off for him. So there's still more to come.

'He wouldn't have wanted people to know he was in pain, just enjoy his stuff.'

Trap Door, about a group of monsters - Boni, Berk, Drutt and the dreaded The Thing Upstairs - who lived in a castle, ran for 40 episodes. Along with co-animator Charlie Mills they also created another animated series, Stoppit and Tidyup.

David recalled: 'Making people laugh was his priority. And if you look at his work, Trap Door and stuff, people grew up with it and see it as a kids show – but if you watch it now, you see the adult and risque humour in it, and that was the humour my dad broguht with him.'

(Picture: Dave Brain)

Brain leaves behind two children and three grandchildren.

Original source: Metro; Additional source: Wikipedia.


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