Secrets Hidden In The First Ghostbusters Trailer

Following the release of the first Ghostbusters trailer yesterday, fans watching with Ecto Goggles noticed a special hidden message written in a equation on the paranormal labs whiteboard, which leads fans to visit the website for The Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science Paranormal Studies Lab website,!

The viral website features a featurette that dives into the science and making of the new proton packs. And if you think they just slapped these packs together to look cool, think again. Because James Maxwell, the guy who made these proton packs, is a resident particle physicist at MIT, and he really took the time to think about the science of how the proton packs would work!

And if you go explore the site, you'll find images of the other new Ghostbusters gear, such as the new ghost trap, PKE meter and the Ecto-1, along with cool little schematics of each item that might help you if you're planning on doing some cosplaying as the new Ghostbusters. Here's the new ghost trap below, and you can see the other images at the website.

Additionally, did anyone notice this big Twinkie in the trailer?:

Watch Sony's first Ghostbusters trailer here and check out more secrets fans have uncovered in the first Ghostbusters trailer in this super video!:

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Additional source: /Film.


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