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NECA Unveils Life-Size Slimer Figure

While he only got a small amount of screentime in the original Ghostbusters films, Slimer quickly became one of the most iconic specters to appear in the movies. He was integral in marketing, merchandising, and even the animated series.

To celebrate the famed character, NECA has announced that they will be releasing a life size version of Slimer, which will be 3 feet tall!

Furthermore, it was recreated from the actual molds used for Onion Head in the original 1984 film and each one will be hand-painted!

According to NECA's website, the foam rubber and latex-based replica will be available this coming August.

Check out photos of the figure below.

Ghostbusters fans have much to be excited for, as Sony has big plans for the hit franchise. Not only is the studio releasing a female-driven reboot this July -- the first official trailer for which debuted earlier this month -- Sony Pictures Animation is also gearing up for a animated movie, with Fletcher Moules reportedly on board to direct.

On top of that, Sony launched a collective called Ghost Corps, which will steer the expansion of the Ghostbusters cinematic universe.

Sources: Bloody Disgusting!, IGN UK.


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