Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Launches Make Donald Drumpf Again Campaign

In the latest edition of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver dedicated the 21-minute "Main Story" segment of his show taking down and ripping Republican front-runner Donald Trump apart, and it is just as epic as you'd expect!:

Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can't believe we're saying that either.

Posted by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Sunday, 28 February 2016

The former Daily Show correspondent has had issues with the Donald in the past after Trump claimed Oliver 'invited him' on his show 'five or six' times.

Oliver said that wasn't true and has since avoided giving any air time to Trump.

However, on Sunday, he could hold back no more.

During the clip, Oliver attacks Trump on multiple principles and ends the segment reveal Trump's original family name of 'Drumpf', which has since gone viral.

Oliver acknowledged that Trump can be appealing because he is 'unpredictable and entertaining'.

"There is a part of me that even likes this guy.

"It's a part of me I hate, but it is a part of me," Oliver said.

But going point-by-point through reasons why Trump supporters have told reporters they back the businessman, Oliver broke down why those reasons don't hold up.

The reasons given in a series of clips were: Trump tells it like it is, says what he means, is funding his own campaign, is aggressive and is an incredible business man.

"First he tells it like it is. Does he? Because the website PolitiFact checked 77 of his statements and ranked 76 per cent of them as varying degrees of false," Oliver began.

Oliver said he has first-hand knowledge of this because Trump once went after his 'old boss' former Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

First her showed a May 2013 tweet from Trump: "If Jon Stewart is so above it all & legit, why did he change his name from Jonathon Lebowitz? He should be proud of his heritage."

Then a tweet from Trump that came two years saying, "I never attacked phony Jon Stewart for his last name. Would never do that", appeared on screen.

The next point is that Trump is self-funding his campaign. Oliver explained that Trump has actually loaned his campaign more than $17million and only given $250,000.

The reason this is significant is because Trump can pay himself back for the loans with campaign funds.

Trump has actually taken in more than US$7million in campaign contributions, Oliver says, and mentions Trump's campaign website has multiple donation buttons.

Next up was Trump being 'tough' but Oliver said the businessman has 'incredibly thin skin' when it comes to personal attacks.

Oliver also showed a clip of Trump saying he wanted to sue Rosie O'Donnell because it would "be fun" to "take some money out of her fat a** pockets".

Trump's success is the next point Oliver brought up.

Because Trump "will sue you if you bring up his bankruptcies".

Oliver played a clip of Ivanka Trump, the Donald's daughter, talking about a time when her father's finances were in dire straights.

In the clip from 2003's "Born Rich", Ivanka tells a story of walking in New York City with her father when he pointed to a homeless man and said the man had "$8billion more than me" because he was in "such extreme debt".

Donald Trump also claimed in a court deposition that his net worth was determined by "feelings, even my own feelings ... and that can change rapidly from day to day".

Oliver continued to cite Trump's numerous failed endeavors such as Trump Steaks, Trump Shuttles and Trump Vodka.

He includes Trump's mortgage company, which was founded right before the housing market crash in 2006, when Trump said he felt it was a "good time" to start a mortgage company.

Oliver wrapped up the clip first by saying "Whatever you think of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at least you basically know where they stand.

"But Trump's opinions have been wildly inconsistent."

John then discussed how how Trump is the cornerstone of Trump's brand and is synonymous with success.

But in the segment's final moments Oliver reveals Trump's family had changed their name to 'Trump' from the name 'Drumpf'.

"It may seem weird to bring up his ancestral name, but to quote Donald Trump he "should be proud of his heritage" because Drumpf is much more reflective of who he actually is.

"So if you're thinking of voting for Donald Trump, the charismatic guy promising to make America great again, stop and take a moment to imagine how you would feel if you just met a guy named Donald Drumpf.

"A litigious, serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader, who he can't decide whether or not to condemn.

"Would you think he would make a good president or is the spell now somewhat broken?" Oliver said.

He then unveiled, which Oliver put on merchandise for his fans to buy and share, and the Drumpfinator Chrome Extension, which helpfully replaces the word "Trump" as "Drumpf" on websites a user visits.

Within hours of the clip the hashtag #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain was trending on Facebook and Twitter.

From actress Mara Wilson to politician Ralph Nadar, Oliver's hashtag has taken social media by storm.

Even Trump's nemesis Rosie O'Donnell joined in tweeting she had "ordered a dozen" Drumpf hats!

Fans in the UK can watch the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Thursday 3rd March 2016 at 11:55pm, exclusively on Sky Atlantic.

Original sources: Daily Mail Online, Radio Times; Additional source: Digiguide.


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