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Upcoming "The Simpsons" Episode To Air Live

Homer Simpson was once told "Very few cartoons are broadcast live. It's a terrible strain on the animators' wrists."

Well, those animators must be going to the gym, as this Spring, the longest-running American cartoon series will make history again when the last three minutes of the May 15th episode will be, technically, broadcast live!

How is this even possible? With motion-capture technology and Dan Castellaneta being given a wired facelift. Showrunner Al Jean told The Wrap that the final scene will be Homer sitting on the couch and commenting on recent events, possibly hours old. No one outside the Fox lot knows if this new technology looks convincing or embarrassing, but Jean was impressed, and said he’d been watching Fox Sports experiment with it to some success. "It looks great," Jean said. "I'm really confident that people will like it."

To help inspire Homer, fans will be invited to tweet subjects they think he should bring up, using the hashtag #HomerLive between May 1st and May 4th. You get two chances to interact with him. There will actually be two different endings to the May 15th episode: one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. It may not just be Homer either: Jean says other members of the Simpson family may appear at some point and "have stuff to do."

So what was the inspiration for this stunt - why even do it? Jean admits his fondness for the recently aired Grease Live inspired the decision. Since no one can predict the future, we have no idea what Homer will say next May, but Jean assumes 80% of it will involve Donald Trump in some form. "I'm sure he'll do something that day to merit mentioning."

Original source: ToonZone News.


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