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The last thing BBC Three aired before it moved online

So BBC Three has finally left the airwaves in favour of its new online home.

And as such you might have expected it to sign off in style, following a closing night which paid homage to some of its best-known shows.

But no. In fact the station disappeared from your tessellator's with relatively little fanfare – actually, none at all!

Instead, they simply aired a "classic" episode of Gavin & Stacey, showed a trailer for forthcoming drama Thirteen – coming soon to online – and then bowed out with this message:


And that, BBC Three fans, was it. In fact you'd never have known anything was different to usual if it weren't for the reminder that they'd moved.
To be fair, it did broadcast its last moments at around 4am, with the last programme being the cringe worthy Gavin & Stacey - so chances are you were tucked up in bed and wouldn't have seen it anyway.

During its final night on-air, the channel treated fans to old episodes of Top Gear, Siblings, The Mighty Boosh and Uncle through to "classic" Don't Tell The Bride, Little Britain, and the reason why most people even watch the BBC, Family Guy and American Dad.

They also showed their final ever episode of EastEnders (if only it was the final episode), which is now moving to UKTV's rebanded channel W (formerly known as Watch) for its late evening repeat.

BBC 3 is currently in a limbo state, showing a selection of shows with graphics overlaid on them advertising that BBC Three has moved online.

Here are BBC II!'s final moments on-air:

* Warning: Video contains added cringe from James Corden.

Source: Metro News.


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