Sony to release first Ghostbusters (2016) trailer on 3.3.2016

Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced in a trailer that the studio will release their first Ghostbusters 2016 trailer on Thursday 3rd March 2016!:

Who you gonna call?

The pre-trailer trailer features a slow piano-key version of Ray Parker Jr.'s hit Ghostbusters song at the end, and a first-look at the updated famous no-ghosts logo, featuring a metallic rim:

Additionally, although confirmed details on the movies villain, played by Neil Casey, remain under lock and key, we've gotten an early sneak peek at the character thanks to Toy Fair. Take a look:

(If you need further proof that this is indeed Rowan, the bad guy of new Ghostbusters, you can also watch a Mattel rep run down the new Ghostbusters toy line here. He doesn't really offer any further character details, though.)

Although Rowan is a new character created for this movie, he'll look instantly familiar to fan of the Ghostbusters franchise: he's the team's iconic logo come to life and made to look slightly more terrifying. But only slightly - He now features a red bow tie, sharper teeth, and angrier eyebrows.

The interesting thing about him (or at least his toy) is that you won’t be able to buy him all at once. Instead pieces of him will be sold attached to figures of the four Ghostbusters. Collect all four and you’ll have Rowan too.

The Toy Fair also revealed a few more ghosts, most of which don’t have names (except for Mayhem, who has no released picture unlike Rowan). One unnamed ghost reportedly looked suspiciously like Slimer, whom I would not be shocked to see again.

The internet is predictably freaking out already about whether or not this means Paul Feig has ruined all our childhoods. (The answer is probably, now matter how amazing or, most likely, terrible Feig's new movie will turn out to be, the fantastic original movies will continue to exist. Deep breaths, people.).

Original source: /Film; Additional source: ToonZone News


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