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Paul Feig Talks About His Upcoming "Ghostbusters" Movie

The Knockturnal YouTube channel had the chance to grab a quick word with Ghostbusters (2016) director Paul Feig at last week's Athena Film Festival:

On having all voices in his films:

"I just want all voices around, you know. I don't think it works when it's all women in charge. I don't think it works with all men. You want both voices because then you don't get stereotype portrayals of each other."

On Leslie Jones in the new Ghostbusters:

"She really kills at the test screenings we've done so far, she just really destroys. People love her."

On fans having an issue with the new film being a reboot:

"Look, there's plenty of fans of Ghostbusters that have an issue with it being a reboot, that I completely get… I find that valid."

On blocking misogynist fans via social media:

"I don't want to give those people a voice and a forum. It's such just a non-starter when it's just misogyny, then... what's the point?"

The video also features footage of Kate McKinnon's (Jillian Holtzmann) presentation and Paul Feig's acceptance speech as he accepted the inaugural Athena Leading Man award.



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