Ghostbusters: First Look Photo of the Ecto 2!

This summer's reboot of Ghostbusters is not only bringing a new cast of specter-catching heroes to the big screen, but also new versions of the team's signature vehicle!

In the original 1980s films, Ecto-1 was the team's souped-up station ambulance-hearse combo emblazoned with the Ghostbusters logo.

In the animated series The Real Ghostbusters, Ecto-2 was a two-seater autogyro.

For the 2016 reboot, however, Ecto-2 is a motorcycle. Click on the photo of the vehicle below for the hi-res version:

Ecto-2 is basically a Ghostbusters motorcycle, which Chris Hemsworth's character Kevin was seen riding it in not only the LEGO set photos but leaked set photos as well.

The new Ghostbusters team also have their own version of the classic Ecto-1 vehicle:

Ghostbusters has also just busted its way onto Snapchat where the image above and other exclusive photos will be shared with fans:

Sources: IGN UK, /Film.


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