Warburtons "The Giant Crumpet Show" Muppets Advert - The Battle Of The Christmas Adverts Has Been Won!

The Muppets just rocked up to blow all other Christmas TV ads out of the water.

Forget the Sainsbury's Christmas ad, forget the John Lewis Christmas ad – Warburtons have cracked out the big guns and delivered the goods!

Their all-singing, all-dancing two-minute promo, new advertise Warburtons brand-new Giant Crumpets, is everything you could hope for. You even see Miss Piggy attempting to seduce Jonathan Warburton himself!

Warburtons have released their new crumpets and advertisement just in time for Christmas.

For the ad, Muppet ringleader Kermit is joined by Pepe the Prawn, the Swedish Chef, Fozzie Bear, Statler and Waldorf, Sweetums, and the inimitable Miss Piggy, among others.

Miss. Piggy cosies up to Jonathan Warburton (Picture: Warburtons)

It involves the pals trying to convince Jonathan Warburton to give their project The Giant Crumpet Show! the green light by singing the theme song to The Giant Crumpet Show, which is a parody of the intro of The Muppets Show.

The enlarged version of the traditional British snack is around DOUBLE the size of the standard tea time staple.

Luckily they still fit in your toaster, and a Muppet can hold one in his or her hand.

Reflecting on his hard work, Kermit the Frog said: "It's the thickest and fluffiest production we've ever done.

"We held nothing back, and I'm proud to say no Giant Crumpets were harmed during the making of this advert."

Beaker and Honeydew inspect the revamped crumpet in the lab (Picture: Warburtons)

Chairman Jonathan Warburton added: "Here at Warburtons we've been perfecting our crumpet recipe since we first launched them over 25 years ago.

"With families up and down the country telling us how much they love them, we knew the only way we could make them better was to make them bigger.

"We're proud to be launching another bakery first and who better to introduce Giant Crumpets than the Muppets. It certainly wasn't my average working day!"

Sam the Eagle takes his job on the crumpet production line very seriously indeed (Picture: Warburtons)

The ad premiered on Saturday 14th December 2015 during The X Factor on ITV, meaning for once, actual talent was shown during the show!

Statler and Waldorf had a few cynical words to say on the subject. Why can't this pair be X Factor judges!? (Picture: Warburtons)

It's time to grab the toaster, it's time to take a bite, it's time for giant crumpets on The Crumpet Show tonight! Watch Warburtons The Giant Crumpet Show Muppets Advert in the video below!:

Original source: London Metro.


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