Sony Announces "Ghostbusters 3" Retail Plans

SPE has revealed their merchandise plans for Ghostbusters 3!

With a third instalment of the iconic Ghostbusters franchise hitting theaters in July 2016, featuring an all-female cast led by Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, Sony Pictures Entertainment is hashing out a two-tiered approach to its Ghostbusters consumer products program!

The Ivan Reitman-directed Ghostbusters 1 (1984) and Ghostbusters 2 (1989) grossed more than US$510 million worldwide at the box office, and in anticipation of another blockbuster, SPE is ramping up their existing classic Ghostbusters line while looking for new partners to join the Ghostbusters 3 mass-market program.

Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon on the set of Ghostbusters III

Sony Pictures Entertainment SVP of global consumer products, Greg Economos, says the goal is to keep its slightly older male fan base happy with the classic line. The new movie, meanwhile, should propel the merchandise program to the next level by introducing Ghostbusters to a new generation of kids, tweens and teens. Notably, SPE is working to leverage the all-female lead cast and explore a number of girl-skewing categories for the first time.

Kristen Wiig on the set of Ghostbusters 3

"We're trying to be more inclusive and really go after channels of distribution that we haven't gotten in the past," he adds.

Role-play items, toys and games featuring key props from the movie, such as vehicles (Ecto 1), PKE meters and Proton Packs, will be the key drivers in the core traditional categories for the new range. On the fashion front, Economos also expects big things in the mid- to high-tier categories, based on the popularity of the franchise's iconic no-ghost logo.

Other key areas are digital and interactive, which provide ideal platforms to highlight the movie's unique characters through holistic game-play experiences, says Economos.

Sony is also currently looking for partners for the movie's program in all categories, except toys. (It plans to announce its master toy partner in the coming weeks.)

As for timelines, publishing partner Scholastic already has Ghostbuster Classic product in stores and will be publishing five movie tie-in books this fall. A full-on movie-based program will hit all tiers of retail during Summer 2016, in advance of the movie's release date.

Source: Kidscreen Magazine.


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