Rockstar Games Unveils First Trailer For 'Grand Theft Auto V' Video Game

From Digital Spy:
'GTA 5' debut trailer - watch

Grand Theft Auto V has been given its first trailer by Rockstar Games.

The debut trailer confirms reports that the game will feature a West Coast setting and includes landmarks such as the Las Puerta Highway, Mount Chiliad (from GTA: San Andreas) and VineWood Hills.

In-game footage includes crop-spraying, armed robbery, car chases and helicopter action, with homelessness and poverty a continuing theme.

The game's lead character talks about moving West to retire from his previous "line of work", before being sucked back into a life of crime.

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Grand Theft Auto V was unexpectedly announced by Rockstar last week.

Rumours of a Grand Theft Auto V reveal intensified earlier in the year after a Hollywood talent agency advertised for a number of roles working on a title codenamed Rush.

The announcement prompted a further flurry of rumours and speculation about the game's setting and characters.

Grand Theft Auto V is expected be released in 2012.


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